The Top 10 Natural PUA Film Characters

top 10 natural pua film characters3

You might already know I’m a big movie buff. I’ve taken my near-encyclopaedic knowledge (yeah right) and written you a blog post about some of the greatest film characters who are awesome with women. The great thing is, you now have an obligation to sit down and watch these great films, not only cos’ they are awesome but also because they can help you become better with women. Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s get to it then and see if you agree with the list. If not feel free to leave a comment on who I have left out and why they should be in the list.

10 – Peter Gibbons in Office Space

I am really hoping everyone reading this has seen this film, especially if you have worked in an office. If not, then go and watch it you will not be disappointed :-). The main character Peter Gibbons, goes from this guy who lets everyone walk on him to this bad ass who won’t take no shit off no-one. It’s this take no shit attitude combined with, ‘I don’t give a f*ck what people think of me’, that get him the girl. He is like a nice bad boy. What I mean by this is that he demonstrates a lot of the bad boy qualities without being an asshole or being disrespectful to women. Check out the article ‘how to become a bad boy’ for more information on achieving this attitude. All that is left to say is he is very cool.

9 – Agent 47 in Hitman

The girl in this film absolutely falls head over heal for him. Why? Because he is mysterious and he also doesn’t show any desperation for the girl. Ok, so maybe he doesn’t know exactly what he is doing, but you can still take some lessons from this guy. Being mysterious is a trait to incorporate into your life. Also, being spontaneous and unpredictable is very attractive. As for desperation, that’s one of the biggest turn offs for women. Wanting a girl more than she wants you isn’t a good thing. You need to be able to control your desire. Having plenty of options is a good way of doing this. Remember, one girl isn’t special. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so there is no need to crave one girl.

8 – Stifler in American Pie

Your probably best to take the best character traits of Stifler and use them to be good with women and leave the rest well alone. Let’s be honest Stifler does have some very very annoying traits :-). However he also possesses the skills to meet and attract the opposite sex with alarming regularity. He is confident, not just in his day to day actions but also when it comes to demonstrating sexual wants and needs. I have always said that being confident can overcome a lack of skill with women. Check out ‘building confidence with women‘ for more information.

7 – Detective John Maclane in Die Hard

There is no way you can exclude John Maclane. The guy oozes sex appeal and he shows some excellent traits that make him very sexual. The biggest one is being the reluctant hero. He doesn’t really want to save the day, but at the end of the day his high values won’t allow him to sit back and do nothing. Having values defines you as a person. If you believe strongly enough in something, no matter how tough it may seem to achieve, you will do your best and strive to achieve that goal.

6 – Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

Some might think that ye old Jack is a bit of an ass hole. He is not exactly trust worthy or reliable. Well, you would be right. Scrap them qualities. However he does have a charm that makes him irresistible to women. Something he possesses is the ability to say anything, no matter how horrible, and make it sound ok. You could compare him to the ‘Cocky funny’ mentality in the pickup world. It’s this ability that allows him to say whatever he likes to women and still have them swooning after him. This expression sums it up perfectly, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”.

5 – Stanley Kowalski in Street Car Named Desire

The character portrayed by Marlon Brando was the first real character in film to have female audiences falling in love with him. Even though he was abusive to women. Go figure.

Seriously though, if you remove the physical violence, you can learn a great deal from this character. He is very strong willed, dominant character who women can’t help but fall in love with. You can show this strong willed and dominant character by going for your own goals in life and not letting anything stop you. No need to lay a finger on anybody. :-) He is also tough on the outside, but shows his vulnerabilities to women. This makes women melt. (Important Caveat: Social Masters does not condone violence or abuse of any nature).

4 – Bruce Wayne in Batman

Bruce Wayne is totally awesome. A rich playboy who has a deeper personality than most would think. It isn’t just sunshine, naked ladies and parties for this babe magnet, though he does have his fair share [Editors note: Just so you know I am not jealous, well not much anyways]. His brooding expression and desire to bring justice make him very desirable to the opposite sex. But what’s the real lesson we can learn from this? Well obviously that dressing like a bat turns women on, which is why my Batman costume is in the post.

3 – King Leonidas in 300

If being a Spartan is not cool enough to get you laid then I really have no idea what is. Sprayed-on abs and all.

In spite of the airbrushing though, this guy is the epitome of leadership. He has to make decisions that may result in the death of hundreds and yet he does it with ease. If he can make the toughest of decisions with no hesitation, then you can make decisions for a group on a night out or whatever.

Also, his physical stature is very attractive. Women do like a nice body but that isn’t the reason why he trains. This guy needs to be like this in order to achieve his goals in life. To achieve greatness you must be first willing to put the effort in. Delayed gratification is key. In today’s society being in tip-top shape physically isn’t just attractive to women cos it looks good but because it shows you look after yourself. If you look after yourself, then there is more chance you will look after her.

2 – Jack Dawson in Titanic

This guy shows that you can meet and attract any women without the need for money, fancy clothes or any other materialistic things. What he shows is great personality and confidence. This guy is charming, fun, witty, smooth and generally pleasant to be around. He is bold in his actions and is not afraid to be himself. I mean come on he teaches her to spit properly, which demonstrates high value. Ok not the greatest skill in the world, but a skill none the less that he teaches her. He also demonstrates high value with his drawings.

1 – Tristan Thorn in StarDust

Tristan at the start of this film is a complete push over. In fact it would be fair to say he is a complete and utter chump at the start. He also suffers from what is known in the PUA world as ‘oneitis’. However during his journey out into the big wide world he soon realises that he needs to become a real man and not act like a little boy anymore. He becomes mature, level headed, determined, a protector and a bit of a bad-ass. This is why Yvaine falls in love with him in the film and why women watching the film love his character so much towards the end. Because of who he has become. He also realises there are more women out there and so loseses that ‘oneitis’ that plagued him from the start of the film.

Special mention: Dr Henry Jones Jr (aka Indiana Jones) in Raiders Of The Lost Ark – I wanted him to be in the top 10 but alas he did not quite make it. Indiana Jones has got to be the coolest teacher in history. Someone who is attractive to women because he is smart and exciting/dangerous. And he’s HARRISON FORD for fuck’s sake. He’s knows you love him, even when he’s being frozen in carbonite.

There you have it. The top 10, well you could say top 11, film characters who are awesome with women. Watch the films, enjoy the films, but also improve your interactions with women at the same time. Very sweet indeed. Enjoy.

Speak soon,
David Black

image: Claire L. Evans

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  • yeah

    I do not agree with that list. Jack Sparrow?? Stifler?? come on!
    What about Han Solo ? he shows no need of approval with Leia.
    And Top Gun's Maverick ?? He is so self centered and so confident…
    And Tyler Durden?

  • enchant12

    hang on, wait a minute – ..where's Austin Powers lol !?

  • David Black

    Maverick, Han Solo – all awesome choices. If the list was longer they would surely be on it. I've deliberately chosen the ones here to show a wide variety of different types of guy. Maverick, Han Solo and Jack Sparrow are all 'bad boy in charge of a vehicle' type characters, and while all awesome (no doubt about that), there is limited mileage in going into detail about them really.

    Oh, and if you doubt the attractiveness of Jack Sparrow, just ask any ladies you know if they like Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • David Black

    Killed by fembots. Yeah baby!

  • Jojo

    Come on you’ve got a great list there, but where is James Dean as “Jim Stark”? Every girl on the planet loves this character

  • David Black

    I haven’t actually seen any James Dean films which is why he didn’t make the list. Though they have been on my ‘to watch list’ forever :-).nnOnce ive watched them the list may well get updated, but for now Mr Dean will have to reside humbly in the comments.

  • movo-mav

    Marlon Brando, the first character on film to have women have in love with him? Are you serious? Perhaps you should have said, “the only one I can think of in a black and white movie.” You can go as far back as Valentino. Even to this day his name is synonymous with seduction. “Kowalski” isn’t.Marlon Brando, the first character on film to have women have in love with him? Are you serious? Perhaps you should have said, “the only one I can think of in a black and white movie.” You can go as far back as Valentino. Even to this day his name is synonymous with seduction. “Kowalski” isn’t.

  • Tatah

    One film that find interesting in this genre is “Infidelity”. Worth seeing the way the bad guy seduced a married woman.