10 Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You

signs a girl is attracted to you

Today we are going to look at the top 10 signs a girl is attracted to you. Knowing the signs that a girl likes you can help take away the fear of being rejected.

It can give you an air of confidence to start a conversation and take things with the girl to the next level.

There are many things that a girl does that can help you get a general sense of whether or not she likes you. There are things that she might do that show she is not attracted to you, but we are going to focus on the signs that a girl does likes you.

Obviously it’s not a guaranteed thing because life is never that simple. Sometimes it may seem like a girl is showing signs of attraction for you but she may just be a nice girl friendly girl. Also, if a girl is really shy then she may not demonstrate many signs of attraction because she is to shy to do so.

All I know for sure is if a girl shows signs that she may be attracted to you, then it’s probably worth the risk by acting on these because the upside of success severely outweighs the downside of not being successful.

The 10 signs a girl is attracted to you…

1. She smiles at you

Generally if a girl likes you, she will smile at you. The difference being it won’t be a glancing smile. It will be a genuine smile and she will normally have a little twinkle in her eye.

2. She touches you

This is a biggie. Girls tend to only make physical contact if they like you. This can be shown in a number of ways. The playful push, the hand on the knee under the table, a hug when they see you etc.

If a girl is getting physical with you it means she feels comfortable touching you and will feel comfortable with you touching her.

3. She makes good eye contact

There are two parts to this: Firstly, the gaze from across the way. You know the one where she is walking along and looks over and then looks away. Or maybe gives you a smile to acknowledge that you have seen her.

Then there is eye contact when you are talking together. If you get girls locking eye contact with you then it’s a good sign that she is attracted.

4. She leans in when speaking to you

If someone does not feel comfortable around you then they tend to lean away.

The opposite applies to a girl who likes you. If she leans in close when speaking to you then she feels comfortable enough to be up close and personal. This is a sign that she likes being close to you. Body language attraction cues are the key here so it’s important to know and recognise them.

5. She fondles her hair

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When girls play with their hair it shows they are attracted to you. We call it ‘preening’ – they are showing off their beauty to you by focusing your attention to one of a female’s greatest assets (apart from their boobs of course).

Also it shows open body language. If they felt uncomfortable around you then they would most likely cross their arms and close off from you.

6. She laughs a lot around you

I have tend to find that girls who like me tend to either find me funny or just laugh a lot around me, even if I am not trying to be funny. It doesn’t matter if you are a comedy genius or not, if a girl laughs a lot when you are telling jokes or funny stories then she is probably interested in you.

7. She purposely ‘bumps into you’

She makes the effort to put herself in places where she might “accidentally” bump into you.

For example if a girl needs to go toilet at work and she happens to make sure that her route takes her right past your workstation even though this makes her trip longer.

Or maybe she always takes her lunch break when you take yours. Definite signs a woman is attracted to you.

8. She takes an interest in what you say

When you are having conversations she shows a keen interest in what you like to do. She is interest because she wants to know the sort of things you get up to so that she can get an idea of what it will be like with you. She is unconsciously trying to see if you will make a good partner.

Also it allows her to carry on the conversation with you. If you say things she is interested in then you will both carry on with the current conversation and these means more time spent with you.

9. She tries to spend a lot of time around you

If a girl is attracted to you then most likely she will want to spend a lot of time around you. It only makes sense that you want to be around those who make you feel good. This may mean she comes up to you a lot and speaks to you or as mention earlier she has her lunch break with you, etc.

10. She does anything sexual

If at any point the two of you are able to talk about sexual stuff and she is engrossed in the interaction then most likely means that she wants you. Obviously anything she does physically like pinch you on the bum, or caress your chest are signs a girl likes you.

Women have a different view of sex than men. They won’t just sleep with anyone, they tend to try and pick their partners so they don’t make mistakes and potentially end up being called a “slut”.

Final thoughts

There you have it, the top 10 signs a girl is attracted to you. Remember though that you have to take them with a pinch of salt because nothing in life is simple. They are a guide, not 100% hard-and-fast rules.

The more of these signs you see, the more likely that particular girl is attracted to you. If you wanna learn how to get a girl attracted to you then check out: How to attract girls

Catch you laters,
Preston Blain

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