Radical Inner game Review

Hey guys, I’ve got an interesting review for you today. One of my ‘disciples’, Steve, was struggling massively with inner game and agreed to take part in a crazy experiment.

We agreed that he would listen to hypnotic reprogramming every day for several weeks (which turned into several months) and see what happened. All the sessions were taken from the Radical Inner Game programme, which is the brainchild of my pal Tony LaRoche.

Learn more about radical inner game here

For several weeks, Steve was hypnotised by five different sessions claiming to deliver the following:

1. Fierce masculinity immersion – Know and understand how to re-connect to your core essence as a man. Get the god-like masculine feelings rushing through your veins, so that nothing can or will stop you.

2. Approach anxiety destroyer – Inside this session, you’ll be able to mentally rehearse and practice your approaches without fear of failure.

3. Approach and seduction simulator – You will finally know what it takes to approach and create instant ATTRACTION in any woman. You will be given the mental toolkit that lets you have complete control over the hardest part of the game.

4. Being arrogant and direct with women – Gain almost instant charisma that women cant resist. You will be the guy that all the girls want to speak to in the venue. You will also develop a voice that resonates with people and gives you a dominant personality

5. Skills of a sex god – Learn the secret code of a woman’s body. You will finally understand what it takes to BE A GREAT LOVER… a man that women whisper about between themselves. The truth is that sexual knowledge alone will make you much more confident.

Sounds pretty good right? Let’s see what happened, in Steve’s own words...

“I realised a while back that I needed some help getting back into the dating game, as I found myself feeling ever more nervous going up to attractive girls & just talking to them, never mind asking them out. So when I was told about Radical Inner Game I thought, “Hell, I’ll give it a go, its worth a try.” So, for the last 3 months, I’ve been listening to the programme.

The set consists of five different hypnotic programmes designed to gain the recipient confidence in approaching and interacting with women.

It’s a pretty bold claim, so as you can imagine, when David asked me to try it out I jumped at the chance. I had some serious doubts that it would work at all, but I was literally willing to do anything at this point.

So after 3 months of listening to the series the most important question is… does it work?

We’ll get to that :-)

The first thing that struck me as I started listening to the programme is “this guy’s got a freaky voice”, so much so that I found it initially distracted from it’s intended purpose, and instead of feeling relaxed found myself laughing my arse off, which I somehow don’t think is the intended reaction of the programme, but hey, everyone need a good laugh sometimes, though I wish the guy just spoke normally.

After I started to get used to the voice, which has apparently been digitally altered & lowered, I did as I was told and started to, “REELAXX” as the guy put it, and I did.

As with anything like this you’ve got to want it to work in the first place, it doesn’t produce miracles & (certainly in my case) won’t work overnight.

That said I think it has made a difference to how I act around women, & people in general. I feel more relaxed when going out & even just at work, & most importantly find it easier to talk to women.

I was crippled with fear

Before I listened to this there were times when I was crippled with shyness in a crowded bar or more particularly clubs.

Now, after having used the programme, I do feel much more assertive. When I’ve found myself in situations like going to a busy bar on my own (which is an improvement in itself because I never use to go to bars on my own), I can at least feel myself thinking about talking to the stunner at the bar, though I’ve got to admit that I still don’t always take things to the next stage & go over & talk to her.

It hasn’t turned me into a babe magnet, & sure at times I feel just as tongue tied as I was before, but I have had some successes, albeit limited. But let’s be honest, if I said I got laid 10 times since listening to the program then you would never believe me anyways ;-).

However the fact that I can now go to bars on my own and have been out more times in the last 3 months than I did last year means it definitely has helped improve my life. I have also talked to and danced with women. That is something I never thought I would be able to do in such a short time with the sessions.”

So now for the big question, would I recommend this product?

If your open minded & are able to get passed the strange & somewhat distracting way the guy speaks then sure, give it a go.

There are other products out there, some which are designed around gaining confidence, but as far as I know they’re not as specific as this programme.

So there you go. Now, Steve was too shy to write this himself, but I know for a fact that he did more that just dance with a few girls. Now bear in mind, this is a guy who literally had hardly been out at all in the last five years of his life, and had severe self-confidence issues. When I asked him how he got on after he went out New Year’s eve, he let me know in his everso-modest way that he snogged a girl. Yep, he kissed a girl. And apparently, he liked it.

Without knowing the guy personally, it’s difficult to get across how much of a dramatic change this is. The people around Steve can probably see the change more than he can himself. It is remarkable. I’ve always been a big believer in the power of hypnotic suggestion – that was the reason I suggested the experiment in the first place. I’m thrilled with the results.”

To learn more about Radical Inner Game, check it out here

Speak soon,
David Black

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