How To Talk Girls Into Bed

how to talk girls

There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding in the world than waking up with a gorgeously hot girl led by your side…

A girl you just met a few days ago, or maybe just last night. Clothes cast about the room without thought. That feminine smell; the long flowing hair; the curve of her hips as she lies there. The gentle rise and fall of her chest as she sleeps.

Awesome stuff. Its at times like that you really admire the incredible beauty of an attractive woman.

I really believe anyone can get this. But many people approach this whole issue from the wrong direction.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a big problem for a lot of guys is thinking in terms of ‘How To Talk Girls Into Bed’. I know this is our natural response as men, but sometimes our biology can make us act in counterproductive ways.

When you think like that, your focus is misdirected, and you put loads of undue pressure on yourself. You are less likely to achieve your desired outcomes if you are coming at this from the frame of ‘how can I talk women into bed?’.

Don’t Be a Rob…

I have in the past shown a few select guys how to approach girls, how to get girls, how to kiss girls and the things that will lead to getting a girl into bed.

There was this one guy, we’ll call him Rob (not his real name). Now Rob was only interested in the ‘magic words’ to say, that would make women all hot and bothered and jump into the sack with him. He was always thinking ‘how to’… ‘How to talk women into bed’ or, ‘How to impress girls’.

Rob wanted the quick fix. He wanted results with no effort. And worst of all, he couldn’t be bothered (or was afraid) to demonstrate his actual personality to women.

When I tried to tell him to focus on his personality, and having fun, he wanted none of it. He was like, “Sod that, I just want to bang hot chicks.” (I’m shaking my head in disapproval even as I write this).

Now Rob had some early success with getting women attracted to him, but it never went any further than the first few minutes. You could tell a mile off that he was desperate to just get the girls into bed. And trust me, if us guys could see it, the women were picking up on it big time.

I tried to tell Rob to forget about getting laid, being manipulative and all that nasty stuff. But he just refused to listen to reason.

He was foolishly shooting himself in the foot every time because he failed to exercise the discipline and patience required to put his lustful basic animal instincts aside temporarily. At the end of the day, he was little better than all the other creepy horny dudes out there.

Needless to say, if someone isn’t prepared to at least try something I suggest, then I don’t want to teach them. It was wasting both our time. So Rob & I parted ways.

Last time I heard from him he was still single, and getting very little interest from women. He had lost his job and had to move back in with his parents (he’s almost 40 years old).

A friend of a friend told me it was due to a girl at his work complaining that he was ‘sexually harassing’ her (*not good* – that’s what happens when you are desperate and needy). He was depressed and most of his friends had moved on with their lives, and left him behind.

All in all, it was a pretty bad show.

What Pickup Artists & ‘Gurus’ Will *Never* Teach You

Manipulating women is a horrible hollow feeling. Certain ‘pickup gurus’ (I’m not mentioning any names) teach you how to be manipulative.

Don’t fall for the seductive claims of getting women using these ‘magic bullets’ – they don’t really exist. They are just playing on your own natural animal instincts – “Get laid now!” kind of stuff and all that crap. You are better than that.

If you see this whole situation as just getting a girl into bed like most pick up artists see it then you will find it will become boring and mundane. You will feel empty and unfulfilled. I know, I’ve seen guys in that situation, don’t let it be you.

Instead see the whole thing as a fun night out. Your aim is to make women smile, have a laugh and generally enjoy yourself and spread the love. You will have a great time, you won’t feel like you are ‘faking it’ or being manipulative or devious.

Start enjoying the process and you won’t even have to put the effort in, because you will naturally want to chase those good feelings again and again. This is the real ‘magic bullet’.

Most men are thinking so intensely about what to say or do to get girls into bed that they lose the enjoyment and their game suffers.

So next time you are out and about, make sure your focus is on enjoying yourself and not how to talk girls into bed. You may just find yourself waking up with a girl in your bed anyway.

David Black

image credit: lenalabusga

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  • chris1211212

    Im in college now and struggled a lot approaching girls in high school and begging of college. I recently found a combination of books that work really well together that I got here . I thought it would be a scam just like every other self-help mombo-jumbo, but for some reason the author in these books helped me a lot better than the others and now girls are all over me, its pretty crazy when you first see the signs of it (not to brag).

  • Matthew

    Nice attempt at marketing, Chris.

  • Alexnumber1

    You kinda contradict yourself here

    “He wanted results with no effort. And worst of all, he couldn’t be bothered (or was afraid) to demonstrate his actual personality to women.”

    Enjoying a conversation requires no effort. Oh well I’m pretty sure you meant effort as in at least enjoying time with a girl.

    “Start enjoying the process and you won’t even have to put the effort in, because you will naturally want to chase those good feelings again and again. ”

    I thought if show a women less interest she’ll be interested in you?

  • David Black

    By ‘effort’ here I mean ‘hard work up front’. It takes an amount of initial determination and tenacity to break your old habits and improve yourself.

    I was talking about people’s need for a ‘magic pill’ that would give them what they want with minimal effort up front.

    And effort vs interest are two completely separate things. Of course don’t come on too strong too fast, verbally or physically, cos that will turn girls off.