How To Pull Women In Clubs

how to pull women

I was out at the weekend for my Uncle’s birthday. I was not in my home town, but like 30 miles away. I knew nobody, and yet I talked to several attractive women, and ended up dancing with one. We spent the rest of the night grooving, kissing and affectionately groping each other. Naturally, this got me to thinking about how to approach women, how to pull women, and flirting in clubs.

I was in a different place where nobody knew me, and I could choose to never go there again if I wanted. I found it an absolute cinch to get into the perfect state of mind to be in when you are in a club environment. Do this and you’re going to know how to pull girls with no extra effort.

The ‘No Consequences’ Attitude

Stop and ask yourself for a second, how would you act (in a club) if you knew there were absolutely no consequences? How would you walk? What would you say to women? How would you approach? Would you dance with them, or be afraid to do so? Would you know how to kiss women? Keep it legal here boys – no fighting or other bad ju-ju allowed.

Just think though, it’s like this: I’m confident. I don’t give a shit about anyone else. I’m in charge; I take what I want. I Just Don’t Give A Fuck(tm).

I want to stress here, I’m not mean or aggressive in my actions. It’s more like being proactively assertive. Not being aggressive. Being too aggressive can (and will) make women not attracted to you (unless they are severely messed up – and good luck with that).

I just went for it. I pushed until I got a reaction. By ‘pushed’ I mean I invaded women’s space, displayed non-verbal attractive qualities (see below) and kept at it until I got some kind of reaction. This shows you got *balls*. Women love a man with balls. This is how to attract women.

You gotta go at this with no fear & ride on the seat of your pants. All logical thought needs to be suspended. Suspend your critical factor. Just go for it. Don’t think about your actions. At all.

It’s huge to just assume the belief that you deserve it, and you’re just gonna go ahead and take it. This is incredibly attractive to women. And it is awesome when you do this, you feel like the master of your own destiny. Great feeling.

Bit of detail (some techniques) – How To Kiss Girls In Clubs:

  • Use physical-proximity-aggressive, dominant bodylanguage.
  • Maintain strong Eye Contact. Huge. Imagine like you are challenging her (playfully but seriously). How would you stare down an opponent in a gunfight-at-high-noon duel? That is how to make the initial eye contact.
  • All you need is simple dancing. You need nothing special here. Some guys focus on learning loads of cool ‘hip-hop’ dance moves. All that is, is a distraction. It’s an excuse. If you have the right attitude and physical demeanour (ie bodylanguage), then you won’t need any fancy dance moves. Impressing the girl is not our objective here. Attracting her is. Stop thinking in terms of ‘how to impress girls’.

Being out in a new place helps you get familiar with the ‘No Consequences’ state of mind, and the more familiar you are with it, the easier it will become to get into this state in future.

This is how to flirt with women in clubs. You just need that state of mind. Playfully assertive. Most other dating tips websites won’t tell you how crucial it is go be in the right mental state. Massive key, even when you are talking about how to date women.

Your goal should be to be in this state of mind as much as you can when in a club environment. Soon you will be pulling girls consistently when you are in nightclubs.

And for those of you that prefer to stay in, look out soon for a post from me all about online dating tips and internet dating tips. Got some really advanced stuff to share with you. Join my list so you don’t miss out.


David Black

image credit: ForzaVale

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  • thegoodweazel

    So true this is, Ive experienced this same state of mind, its great, because you just think what the fuck have I got to lose? Another thing, if you ever get eye contact with a girl and it lasts a few seconds, your in, dont mess about. Im talking about wherever you are in a bar or club, you just have to go for it. 9 times out of 10 it will be worth it.

    I always liken pulling women to scoring goals in football, when you have a chance you take it, if you score the confidence you get just makes you want to do it all over again, and normally the confidence you got from the 1st goal makes it easy. This is the same with women, if you have that confidence you know that you will go in a club and pull an attractive woman, but if you are not confident and doubt yourself, chances are you will be either dancing alone, getting knock backs, or at the bar getting absolutely drunk out your head before attempting it again.

  • David Black

    Totally agree with the eye-contact thing, just go for it.

    Great point about it being like scoring goals too. We all remember the amazing goals the best players score, but nobody remembers the wild shots that went over the bar into the crowd.

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” -Wayne Gretzky

  • WizeOwl

    So true, nobody remembers the misses, and neither will you. If you dont try then you wont know, and that is far worse, especially when you are waking up the next day with a hangover.

    I also always think of the hot girls Ive pulled to restore self belief, I say we've done it before and we'll do it again. I also dont believe that some girls are 'out of my league', thats nonsense, I believe Im capable of pulling the hottest girls in clubs. Its all about attitude, if you go in there believing it then its highly likely you pull a beauty. You also have to be prepared to take a knock back now and again, some girls will give you the come on and then turn you away at the last minute just to boost their own ego, those girls are not worth the hassle anyway. Don't go for the cockteasing girls who dance with everyone guy on the dancefloor. Go for the pretty girl who maybe on her own in a less obvious place, or get chatting to a girl at the bar to get the ball rolling.

    You also should turn the whole equation around. Now look at it this way, those girls have spent hours getting ready, going to that club for a reason, they want to know they are attractive, they want to know they are wanted, they want to have fun, dance and have a snog. You are now in the situation of having what they want, this works both ways. If nobody ever approached them they would be upset, they want the attention.

    In regards to drinking, Id say sure have a couple for dutch courage if needed, but then just pace yourself, the more sober you are the better, you are more attractive like that, and you will also make better decisions. It will also be better if you manage to pull and take her home or go back to hers, you want to be on your game.

  • Self-Doubter!!

    This is it!!!! I’ve got to do this!!!! I’ve been in and out of clubs since I was 14 years old atleast once a week. I’m now 23 years old and still haven’t pulled a single girl in a club!!! I’ve been knocked back more times than fucking David Haye and it’s because every single time, I’ve got all paranoid about what I should do, whether they like me, how to act, what other people are thinking, blah blah blah… I wish I could fucking fix this and I just want a damn girlfriend or atleast a fucking kiss!!!!!

    Tomorrow, and every night this week, I’ll re-read this page and go out, talk to every girl who looks at me and stare her to the fucking ground!!!!! I won’t be aggressive I’ll be nice and I won’t care if it works or not. I’ll just ask her questions if she starts to look away or tell her how sexy she looks.. Right????? I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • PartyAnimal2000

    Can I hire you for a night out please?

  • David Black

    Go for it dude. Let us know how you get on.

  • David Black
  • RandomGuy!

    You guys are right, the attitude is everything. You only need to have confidence in yourself and if you don’t, at least fake it for one night, and women will be yours believe me. Keep in mind that girls in nightclubs drink alcool, and it make them easily to approach.

    The real trick to get any girl you want in a nightclub is the eye contact.
    Here’s my technique: when i’m in the club, I try too look around, to see if there is any girl I find attractive. When i found one, the game really begins. I try to get a strong eye contact with her. When it happens, the girl usually turn is head, and few seconds later, she looks at you to see if you’re still looking at her, and that’s it, she know you exist and that you are interested by her ! Keep looking at her, and she’ll found you on the dancefloor later !

    To get an eye contact, it is easier when you both are waiting for a drink at the bar. She has no choice to see you, and she knows you’re there. After that, she’ll find you on the dancefloor believe me !

    And btw, sorry for my english guys, i’m French but i’m working hard to become better in english !!

  • David Black

    Great point. Eye contact in clubs is very powerful. Bodylanguage is so important in a loud environment like that.

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  • Sam-dacker

    Hi david…i m sam dacker..i m 30…been trying to pull high class english girls in manchester…i m asian lad…wont u believe..i been doing clubing for 5 yrs…never had a one mobile number..i just cant initiate a conversation..i m averge looking guy..but proper hip hop dancer…plz any help…