How To Get An Older Woman

how to get an older woman

Many guys want to know how to get an older woman. The reasons why some guys may desire to date a more mature woman varies from person to person. Because of their age, it’s a common stereotype that older women are seen as more wiser and self-assured compared to younger girls; as well as have an air of tolerance and self-reliance about them. Some guys tend to turn to older women for tutoring as they have more experience with men and wider knowledge about sex and relationships. Also, if a guy isn’t interested in having any children, they think having a relationship with an older woman is a more ideal solution.

One other thing to remember is women want to do some toyboy dating. So you are doing them a favor as well as yourself. Win win situation :-)

From my experience, an age gap isn’t as important as the relationship itself; however there are a lot of people out there who believe this is the case. So if an older woman has caught your eye, then here are a few tips on how to get an older woman…
Treat her with respect – Okay, this seems like an obvious one but it’s an easy one guys tend to forget. Just like every other girl you have encountered, an older woman wants to be treated with respect; even if she is attracted to your youthful charms. Treat her with respect and she will be much more likely to wanna stick around and see where the interaction goes.

Stay calm
– Don’t over-do it! I know it can be exciting when you have a chance with an older woman, but just remember she has her own reservations too. If you come on too strong, you may come across as too needy and childish for her by mistake and she will lose interest. Do you honestly expect her to play Mommy? Thought not, so stay calm, be yourself and [more importantly] have fun.

Use your charms – Body language is more powerful than you assume, so always smile and make eye contact. Keep the conversation flowing and use your responses to your advantage and impress her with your intelligence. What is it that makes her interesting to you is very important. Older women want to know that you are interested in her as a person and not seeing her as a chance to experience an older lady and then run for the hills. Take interest in her opinions and talk about her hobbies and experiences and you should be fine.

Don’t pay too much attention on looks – Older women are more prone to be paranoid about their appearance. You should compliment her on her looks, but don’t give too many! She’ll assume you’re shallow and this can bring up her insecurities. She would rather be appreciated for who she is, which also includes her personality and intellect. Remember, compliments on her dress sense and hair are very effective because you are complimenting her on her choices not her looks.

Don’t pay too much attention to her age – As women get older a few things will change but there desire to have fun, have sex and also have a relationship with a man won’t. Just because she is a little older doesn’t mean that she is not interested in male attention or company anymore. So she will love the male attention, especially from a younger male. Remember though, don’t leer at her or make crude comments because although she wants the attention, she wants it to be done in a respectable way.

Once you have learned how to get an older woman, you need to know how to keep her. Look out for an article on dating an older woman that I am in the process of writing which will be soley focused on dating older women.

Speak soon,
David Black

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  • aden

    I love this tip about how to get a date with an older woman I also included the link to the list it came from
    How to get a date with an older woman tip number three: be yourself and don't try too hard to impress her. Many times younger guys are intimidated by older women and they spend most of their time trying to convince the older woman that they are more mature than their years, they are super sophisticated, and are far more successful than they really are. Just because you think older men are more mature, more sophisticated, and super successful doesn't mean that's what the older woman is looking for. The fact of the matter is most older single men are complete jackasses and don't know the first thing about how to date a beautiful woman and the fact that you are trying so hard to act like them just makes your chances of getting a date with her a lot harder. Your best bet is to be yourself, be mature, polite and respectful but don't try acting like a 45-year-old man trapped in a 22-year-old's body.

  • David Black

    Thanks aden, like your article too dude. I agree that a key to meeting older women is to approach them first :-)

  • EJ

    Thank you! Your statements were exactly the toughts in my mind. I was very un-sure about my approach but your article gave me a boast of confidence.

  • David Black

    Sometimes you just need a little bit of reassurance. Deep down you know what you should do but it's having the courage to do it. Glad it helped.

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  • Nehemiah dawson

    love this man im 21 and was talking to a 37 year old and was doing good till i came on to strong smh ill get back on track