How To Get An Asian Girlfriend

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Many men want to know how to get an asian girlfriend. Asian women have such a huge appeal to men. To many men there is nothing better than a beautiful asian women. They are petitie, sexy, exotic, cute, etc. There is just something about asian girls that men find very attractive and is the reason why so many men want an asian girlfriend.

However you must realise that to get an asian girlfriend you don’t have to do anything different than when meeting any other women. Women are attracted to men because of their characteristics. So whether you want a white, asian, hispanic or black girlfriend, it really does not matter. All women are the same on a biological level. So if you want your girlfriend to be asian then you need to demonstrate these characteristics to asian women. You need to go out and meet asian women and show them that you are this cool amazing guy. Someone they would want to be around.

The characteristics we are talking about are: Leadership, desicion maker, plenty of options, picky and choosy. Character traits that are very attractive to all women.

To see in much more detail the specifics of what I’m talking about, see these relevant posts:

So remeber when it comes to how to get an asian girlfriend, just remember that you must demonstrate the same characteristics that you would need to demonstrate to any other women. Asian women are no different and therefore should not be treated differently in any way.

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  • Charmaine Chen

    Wow…I didn’t know that Caucasian men have such high regard for Asian women ;p Well, I have always been attracted to Caucasian men, not because I think that they’re better than Asian guys, but because if i were to ever ever ever have kids, I’d like them to be good looking. Having grown up alongside Hollywood films & western media representations, it is quite natural for me to develop a liking for the Caucasian looks. However, I find that not many single Caucasian men have the family-loving qualities that Asian men have – ie, it is extremely easy for me to get a Caucasian date, but not so easy to find someone who wants a soul mate

  • Lucy

    Really? All of the caucasian guys that I'd dated in the past ended up wanna get married, but they are just not emotionally matured enough. The wanted to settle down but money is always an issue, for some reason they just don't make enough money to measure up with my (asian) family.

  • David Black

    You hook me up with some nice meals, I'll hook you up with some good lookin' babies. Deal.

  • David Black

    I think it depends on the guy really. Some guys want to settle down early, others never want to.

  • INpure

    sorry for being rude but, what the hell…? money, money… is everything that you people think about…?? come on… really… to me it wouldn´t really matter how much money you have or if you are a good slave i mean… have a good job… what would matter is the person you love… to be with the one you love… but i don´t know anything now… cos love is something… harder and harder to find… i mean… dam, where is that profound feeling called love… i don´t see it anywhere but i know it exists… now love is a joke… nothing more…
    -hey honey i love you…
    -really… i love you too so much… i want to be with you forever no matter what…
    -i love you, but i have to say because you don´t have MONEY and will not be able to get a good job… i have to leave you, we can´t be together… so bye…
    -what… huh… NOOOOOO…. and the guy/girl gets depressed and hopeless for the rest of his miserable life, all because of some idiot who didn´t really loved him/her, the end…
    this world is worse each day… and i can´t ease my pain that´s why i get so angry when people talk like that… sorry for being rude… best wishes for you and your family….

  • David Black

    “What you mean, 'you people' !?!?” :-)

    Seriously though, Tropic Thunder quotes aside, you're right INpure, if someone doesn't want you enough that your bank balance is irrelevant, then it's probably not someone you should be bothering with in the first place.

  • Blahblah

    well…money isnt everything but u can't live without it. it might not be the biggest problem but usually it can become the cause of many fights and arguments.
    money is important to start a family. i want my husband to be able to provide to the family while im having babies and taking care of the kids at home
    hope that makes sense

  • rekit

    thanks for the photography credit :)

  • Preston Blain

    No worries. Thanks for the great picture :-)

  • eddie

    totally agree… especially asian women . money to them is like the power to have control on their man… they want some of ur money so they can feel secure in u… i broke up with my chinese girl because my money progress wasnt fast enaugh. we dated for more than a year, but her family told her to leave Eddie because he doesnt have enaugh for her….so thats what she did…. she said im gonna marry “money”… i dont know…

  • Beaumaye

    i’m asian and i’m forever attracted to Caucasian guys(of halfbreed),,but still it depends haha depends in the attitude.. i want to have a caucasian boyfriend for a change and i want to have good looking kids lol

  • Saagi

    you sound like a young immature grasshopper.  When you get older you will realize how money plays a huge factor in ANY relationship. You see that in any ethnic background and I have observed it in caucasians.  First time marry for love, second time marry for money, etc.  
    You WILL learn.

  • Anonymous

    hey david your adive worked man about just say something to them and the conversation just happen, but i saw this beautiful girl in this store (i think she was latina) and i didnt talk to her because i think she was rather young though im not sure, and her family was there and so was mine and i couldnt really make a move do you have any advice? thanks for your time.

  • Asian Seduction System

    This is a pretty good overview of how to get Asian Women

  • Eddie

    If I can find a good looking , intelligent asian woman in her 30′s I would marry her. I just want a woman that hs something going for her too, not a woman that just sits around the house and does nothing. I am a family oriented man and I am looking for long term hapiness. If you would want to know,  I will be retired at 37 (in 6 years) with an associates, bachelors and masters degree, government experience, many schools and a really good pension. I just want to know if there are any real good asian women that are intellectual and can understand the American lifestyle, stay faithful,true, honest,  speak good english and willing to progress, can cook a good basic meal, have basic sense of commonality within this world, have ambition to have a career, knows how to be family oriented, know how to manage money (not spend 5,000.00 of mine on a casino and cry that I don’t give you more!!!), a smart woman with street smarts and book smarts, not smoke a carton of cigarettes a day, drink a ton of alcohol and do someting stupid. I think you get the picture. If you are that woman. Then you need to speak with me. My name is Eddie and just reply to this post and I will check it.

    Thank you

  • Adam Lock

    not sure if you’ll answer im a sophomore in high school and this girl i knew kinda gave me signs that she liked me..i never had a girl friend and I’ve been told more than once that im an awkward person, but anyway i didn’t really pay attention and brushed it off, she has a boyfriend now and im realizing that i like her…my mind says get over it, but my heart says otherwise..suggestions?? 

  • Tytimpner

    So there is this girl that liked me and I liked her but I guess I waited too long and now she has a boyfriend… What can I do!! She already thinks I’m cute but I don’t know how to win her back over. Any advice??

  • Jason

    I’ve been suspecting this myself, I’m often told that I’m attractive. Based on the past few months anytime I had a girl that seemed like she was really into me and I asked her out, she would go cold instantly, leaving wondering. My goal was to build comfort but it gets difficult if they won’t even respond when I say let’s get coffee.

    - Any suggestions would be great.

  • Rwr

     Your a retard