How To Get A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend – It Can Be Done

how to get a girl who has a boyfriend

Accidentally approaching a girl who already has a boyfriend can be easily done. Knowing how to get a girl who has a boyfriend isn’t always so easy :-)
Picture this: You just happen to notice her form across the bar, walk up to her and start chatting away. You start thinking the two of you have made this connection when she says, “I have a boyfriend!”

Let’s be honest here. If a girl is attractive enough, then there would be a high chance that she is already has a boyfriend. At this point, some guys would think it would be more wise to move on: why try and pursue someone who is already happy right? However, there are also some guys out there who have difficulty getting that particular girl out of their head.

Whenever someone asks me this question, I simply reply with one question back. What is it about her that makes you attracted to her? You should ask yourself this question before you even start thinking about pursuing her. Is it because there is something about her personality that you find intriguing? Or is it just because she’s already has a boyfriend it makes it more exciting for you?

If it is because of the thrill-factor, then it would be best to leave her alone and move on. It just makes you look devious and underhanded to a lot of women and it would just appear you’re just looking to ruin her relationship and looking for trouble. If it’s because of her personality the best attitude to have is not to go about breaking them up, but rather take it upon yourself to convince her that she would be a lot happier with you.

But how do you that?

This ain’t an article about break up advice, but instead tips on how to get a girl who has a boyfriend that don’t involve you having to deal with the relationship break up if you are successful. You don’t want to try and get her to break up with him with sneaky underhand tactics. Instead you want to prove that you are a better guy and would therefore be a better person to go out with. If you achieve this she will break up with him naturally:

Have conversations with her

This one always sounds easy enough to do, yet so many guys tend to get it wrong. Whilst you are talking to her, the first thing you need to do is to see whether you and her have anything in common. If you do want to flirt with her, make sure it is very subtle. At this stage, you wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a player otherwise she would lose interest. Fast forward to the future now: after a series of conversations together, you need to be able to build a connection and trust.

There are two ways of going about this. You can either steadily steer the conversations towards her relationship and (more importantly) the problems with it until she feels comfortable confiding in you. Or you can talk about your previous experiences with her. By doing this, you appear open and honest about your past as well as making her feel relaxed about talking to you about her relationship.
What’s her ideal guy?

Once you’re able to have conversations with her about her relationship, you now need to find out what qualities and values she is attracted to in a guy. Ask yourself questions like does she prefer a guy who is intelligent? Is she attracted to a guy who has a good sense of humour? What qualities doesn’t she like in a guy? The reason why this is so important is because you’ll have to prove to her that you can be that guy.

You would also need to think of ideas and scenarios that can let you show her these qualities. Whether that is by making her laugh when she is having a bad day, or by doing activities together to show off your fun and spontaneous side to your personality. It is important as well to make sure that both of your values/qualities are compatible. This makes it that little bit easier for the pair of you to know that you are going in the right direction, without any misunderstanding.

Remember she’s in a relationship

If you do want to spend some time with her, you need to make is clear to her that you’re asking her to go out as friends. She would feel a little uncomfortable if she assumed it was a date. Talk about the female friends in your life. She will be left feeling curious about you; and it shows her you have qualities that are attractive to other women.

Be like her boyfriend, but different.

This has to be the golden rule when getting a girl who already has a boyfriend. Aim to become the upgrade she wants to have. Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to her boyfriend. Follow the principles taught here and you will be more attractive, and a ‘better choice’ naturally.

What to do when her relationship is struggling

With everything else in life, relationships have their fair share of disappointments as well as their enjoyments. If you start to notice that she is going through some tough times in her relationship, the best thing to do is either invite her round to your place or somewhere close by. This gives her time away from the boyfriend as well as the relationship to breathe and time to think the situation through properly. Don’t talk about her boyfriend, instead focus on having an amazing time together. This will make her realise what she could have.

So the big question to ask yourself is this…

Next time you come across a girl who already has a boyfriend, would you want to pursue her or would you rather move on from the experience and spend your time with other women that are single? Least you know how to get a girl who has a boyfriend, so you can make an informed decision.

Bye for now,
Natasha May

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  • Page_me_next

    GOD i listen to u ,and bingo ,i have every nite

  • Johnholt11

    i need advice. Last night i met this girl that i just cant stop thinking about. She is pretty, nice, funny, intelligent, and there is just something about her that me makes me happy. Whenever i think about her – which is all the time – i cant help but smile. There is a problem though… she has a boyfriend, but… she said they were “unofficial” and it wasnt anything serious. I want to be with her, but i dont now how to do it without being just-a-friend or the guy she broke up with her boyfriend for.
    My other friends that are girls think any girl would be lucky to have me and say im good looking, nice, funny, kind, and not like most guys (not a dick). I have never been in a relationship, am a freshmen in college, and dont want to screw this up.

  • sam

    god knows i know how that feels…

  • Sravani1513

    people who dont have a specific goal in their life will go for all this stuff…….

  • Ringo

    Natasha May – I’m glad i’ve seen this :) it has given me the drive i need to be with the girl i like so very much! I would normally disagree about spilting people up….but if you feel real emotion – then you really must go for it…theres no worse feeling than regret – OR knowing she would of had you if you tried.

  • xd12

    This would be ideal for getting with a girl who you just met, but sometimes the situation is much more delicate and dangerous. take mine for instance..

    Long story short, I like a girl that I met in school last year but can hardly manage to talk to her AND she just got a boyfriend about 3-4 months ago after she was hurt by her last 2 relationships. She was interested in me last year and at the beginning of this year but as i said i have trouble talking to her in person. My female friend managed to get me her # at the beginning of the year, but she hardly responds to me anymore. On top of that, i know shes been talking to her friends about me because ive seen her looking at me while shes talking to her friends, so they probably won’t be too keen on letting me get even close enough to let me near her, much less become close friends with her. I’m so distraught by the situation that i dont know what to do other than avoid her until I can figure out what to do, but the more i separate from her the more empty i feel. I don’t want to break them up, since she hasnt been in a complete and happy relationship in a long time and im still not sure if she would be happier with her boyfriend than me and i dont want to get with her if i cant make her happier, but if they dont break up on their own soon or i cant get to her soon ill never see her again and ill never know for sure.

    While I admit this has given me a much needed confidence boost knowing i still have a shot if i can get over my nervousness around her, but i dont know how to do that, and even if i did that I wouldnt know how to get closer to her than just small talk, since she never seems to be willing to engage in any deeper conversation with me.

  • Tfries44

    Well i thought it was good,but why would she be talking with you in the first if she didnt like you and or have a faulty relationship



  • Guy31651

    Go find your on fucking girlfriend.

  • Guest

    i think as guys we tend to want what we want cause we want it.  don’t talk yourself into wanting her.  you think she’s cool, no explanation necessary.  let her know, and let her know you’re ok with not getting her and just “being a helping hand.”  if you get it, you get it.  if not, that’s cool too.  easy boy, down!

  • Sam_mummy

    Did u lose yours??

  • Montalvom

    i hate my life

  • Marcoturner

    i really need help theres this soccer player name alex morgan shes a girl obviously i cant stop thinking  about her she is so hot and she has a boyfriend i need help

  • Jesse

    I’ve known this girl for a while, liked her since I met her. Early on I made it clear what I felt. We talk almost everyday now and she says she’s falling for me. But she won’t spend time with me outside of when we see each other every day for a couple hours. How do I get her to be alone with me to realize I’m better if she won’t because she’s afraid to upset him?

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