How to get a girl to chase you

how to get a girl to chase you If you want to learn how to get a girl to chase you, there are certain methods that you can use. In order to make women chase you, instead of doing all the work, you do not need to work hard at all. You need to make a change in your thinking and behavior so that it will increase your chances of attracting women. This change is not difficult and it is suitable for anyone who would like hot women to chase after them. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t ;-)

Due to human biology, women can’t choose who they are attracted to. Women tend to be attracted to a certain type of man and that is what makes some men very successful with women. If you want to get her to chase you then you need to:

Take control

Women don’t want guys who are easily controlled. You have to take note that women are just not attracted to men who are like this.

They are not attracted to men that they can easily control because attraction is based on guys who make decisions and lead from the front. If you are quite happy taking orders off women, then they will most likely use you like a doormat, with the implied notion of intimacy perpetually dangled just out of reach.

So in order to get a girl to chase you instead of chasing after them, you need to change the way you think about attracting women. You need to take control of your life and learn to become more attractive by being and doing the things that attract women.

Remember, you are always in control of your life. It’s up to you to become more attractive and thus get girls to like you.

Why are bad boys so popular?

It has always been a fact of life that bad boys are good with women. Why? Because they demonstrate so many key things that are attractive. If you want to find out more then I suggest checking out: ‘How to become a bad boy women will love’.

You need to believe that you are becoming a bad boy that women cannot control or figure out. This will increase your chances of attracting women. You have to realize that women will not be engrossed to men that are way too good to them. It is best to do something that is far more subtle. You have to learn all the techniques that complement this bad boy mindset.

Sometimes this can seem counter-intuitive. However if you are currently a nice guy and keep doing the same thing over and over and you are still not getting results then maybe it’s time you try something different. Remember, I say this a lot so get use to it, that the definition of insanity is doing the same shit over and over and expecting a different result.

So if you really want to learn how to get a girl to chase you, you need to start thinking differently to what you are right now.

If you read the article above about becoming a bad boy, then you will know that I am not talking about being a dick to women. Women deserved to be treated well, however there are key factors that you must demonstrate in order to be attractive to women.

But reading that article again, I realised that there are a few things that can be elaborated upon. Now I will be posting an article soon to add to it and hopefully I will add a link here when it’s finished and posted.

However there is one thing I want to go into great detail right now. I consider it to be quite a key concept when it comes to learning how to get girls to notice you and thus learning how to get a girl to chase you. If you can get a girl to notice you and likes what she sees, then there is a good chance she will want to be with you.

A key concept

Whilst writing this article I thought of a good example of from a great film that demonstrates one of the key factors when it comes to being truly attractive to women.

I remember watching the scene and thinking that the way he handles the situation is great. Also when you consider what the one scene entails, being able to remember what seems like such a tame scene in the film.

I am talking about ‘127 hours’. If you haven’t seen the film then check out IMDB to see what all the fuss is about.

Now in the film there is a great scene where he interacts with two girls: Kristi and Megan. During his interaction he does everything that will make a woman want to have sex with you there and then without even trying.

He is not trying because he is just being that person. At one point we hear one of the girls (I can’t remember which one) say something along the lines of “We didn’t even figure in his day”.

Now bear in mind that he has spoken to these girls, he has agreed to meet up and thus there is a distinct possibility that he will get laid and yet it still is not the most important thing to him.

That my friends is the key concept.

Getting laid is not the most important thing to him because he is this awesome guy. He does amazing things, demonstrates that he is of the highest value, does what he wants and gives them an experience that the girls will most likely remember for the rest of their lives.

A word of caution

Although he demonstrates some great qualities, the lead character Aron Ralston has some very poor qualities. For example being reckless is extremely risky behvior. Let’s be honest if you have seen the film then you already know the results of being reckless.

If you haven’t, then you should definitely watch it because you can learn a lot. Not just about what you should do, but also what you should avoid doing as it it can lead to bad results.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for effective methods on how to get a girl to chase you, you simply have to change your attitude towards them. Most guys believe that being mister nice guy will help them to get women into bed.

This however is not the case. Now like I said earlier, you don’t have to be a c**t, however you do need to demonstrate some of the key qualities that make women attracted to men. This includes having the same qualities of Aron and being someone who is fucking cool and doesn’t let women get the upper hand on him by basically having other more important things in his life.

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