101 Ways How To Get a Girl

how to get a girl



So, you want tips? I got more tips than your body has room for right here. Here’s 101 ways how to get a girl

Get some style

1. Get a decent haircut. One that suits you and makes you feel more comfortable.
2. Ensure your facial hair is under control, including eyebrows, beard, mustache, etc.
3. Wear clothes that fit you correctly. Everyone is a different size so make sure you buy clothes that fit you well and make the most of your physique.
4. Wear clothes that suit your style and are the correct colours. This will instantly make you more attractive to women.
5. Dress appropriately for your age. We all get older and therefore we need to adjust the style of clothes we are wearing.
6. Make sure you have a decent aftershave. How you smell is hugely important as it can cause huge attraction in women.
7. Wear something that makes you different. Don’t just follow the crowd and wear what everyone else does. If you wanna show off your personality then go for it.
8. However, don’t wear something stupidly ridiculous because 1: It ain’t cool & 2: It looks way too try hard. Check out 5 Tips To Improve Your Fashion Style

Improve your body language

9. Get your posture sorted. Good posture shows you are a strong, dominant man.
10. Make sure you stand relaxed but purposeful.
11. Confident bodylanguage is key. I am always mentioning in posts that confidence is one of the key factors to being successful with women.
12. Smile. I think people underestimate the true effect of a smile. A smile shows you are a warm & friendly and therefore someone they will feel comfortable having approaching them.
13. Keep your head up. Keeping your head up shows you are confident and not afraid of being seen.
14. Keep good eye contact.
15. Don’t fiddle as this is nervous behaviour. Any signs of nerves does not come across very attractive to women.
Side note: Check out Using Body Language for more info on body language in general.

Learning how to approach

16. You need to get out into the real world and approach real women. You can learn all you want, but at the end of the day you to need to go out and do it. One option is to start with routines. This takes away the problem of knowing what to say and just allows you to focus on doing the approach.
17. Start simple and progress. Ask girls the time, then maybe directions, etc. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the ‘just asking questions’ loop. They are just to help you gain confidence to approach. Make sure you keep progressing with the interactions. Check out: Art Of Approaching for more info

Think about using routines to start with

18. Routines help you to gain confidence, tho don’t become dependent on routine based methods. Only good for the short term.
19. You can progress very quickly and therefore get instant results. Never a bad thing :-)
Here are some routines for you to try out: A Collection Of PUA Openers

Become adept at reading a girls body language

20. Know when she is interested what you’re saying.
21. Know when she is bored.
22. Know whether she wants to take things further.
23. Knowing if she wants to be kissed.
24. Knowing if you are creeping her out.
25. Know if you are coming on too strong. Check out Reading Body Language over at Become A Player

Get down the gym

26. Start a fitness regime and stick to it. Women are attracted to men who are in good shape.
27. Include cardio to lose weight if needed or high intensity interval training.
28. Swim. Swimming has been proven to be an excellent way to lose weight and improve the strength of your heart. If you can’t swim then learn. You never know when you might need it.
29. Lift weights to bolster those muscles. Women love guys who are in shape. It’s not that they are superficial, it’s just having a nice body shows you care about yourself and will therefore care about them.
30. Don’t go overboard with weights as women don’t like men who are too muscly. Sometimes being too big can actually be detrimental to how attractive you are.
31. Keep up with your training on regular basis. Steady and consistent workouts will reap the most reward.
32. Get professional help. Check out the Adonis Effect.

Learn some new skills

33. Women love men who posses skills.
34. Learn musical instrument. E.g women love men who play guitar.
35. Learn something cool such as magic. Check out: Puma skills
36. Improve your dancing skills as it’s both practical and attractive.
37. Poetry is a great skill to have. Women love poetry and love guys who can recite poetry.
38. Make sure though it is something you enjoy & not just for the sake of getting some nookie.

Have fun

39. Do some Karaoke. Doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not. Sometimes it can be better when you can’t sing because it will make her laugh and show you don’t care about what others think of you.
40. Semi extreme things such as surfing, mountain climbing, biking, sphereing, etc. All great fun and all adrenaline filled which girls love.
41. Explore new places.
42. Seasonal fun. Having a water fight in summer, kick leaves in Autumn or make a snowman in Winter. Fuck Spring :-)
43. Make the boring stuff like furniture shopping fun by throwing her on the beds, throwing cushions at her, etc.

Get a passion in life

44. Women love men who are passionate. Watch this video all about getting a passion: The Biggest Thing To Attract Women
45. You can be passionate about anything.
46. Be passionate about anything such as your career, business, hobby, a charity, etc.
47. Make sure you portray this passion to the girl through speech and your body language, as well as your actions.

Recognise and utilise your strengths

48. Use the skills you have already to improve your chances.
49. Everyone has strengths that can be used to attract women. If you don’t think you have then you are not looking hard enough.
50. It could be humour, intelligence, conversational skills, athletic prowess, etc.

Improve your confidence

51. Use affirmations as part of a confidence routine.
52. Push outside your comfort zone each day by doing one thing that scares you.
53. Go out into the real world. Ask 20 women the time and then do progressively harder stuff.
54. Realise that not trying is the only failure.
55. Also realise that women want to be approached so go for it.
56. What’s the worst that could happen? You get turned down and that’s it. Nothing major.

Become a great conversationalist

57. Learn to find out what she likes (Deep and wide rapport). Credit for deep & wide rapport must go to Lance Mason, so make sure you check out his site: Art Of Attraction
58. Talk about things you both like. If you can’t find anything you both like then get the hell outta there :-) Also Talk with passion about the things you care about.
59. Speak clearly, without being so quiet she struggles to hear or so loud that she finds it intimidating.
60. Listen when she speaks and respond accordingly. More info at Sosuave
61. Learn to escalate your conversations. Check out: Conversation Escalation

Get help

62. Don’t be afraid to admit you need help. We all need a little help sometimes.
63. Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Learn to take on board the good advice and ignore the bad.
64. Find someone who is better than you and learn from what they do. Remember to put what you learn into action and not become someone who always learns but never does.
65. Also don’t go OTT with learning. This can can lead to paralysis by analysis. Tho you should check out TSB Mag, they give away so much quality free information.

Risks are part of success

66. We all need to take risks in order to be successful.
67. What’s the worst that could happen? If a girl says no then you move onto the next one.

Be a ‘real man’

68. Display leadership.
69. Be a decision maker.
70. Be picky and choosy. This shows that you are not desperate and that you are more desirable.
Check out ‘Women Approach You
71. Make sure you have lots of options. Men with options are always more attractive because any one girl isn’t that special to them by default.
72. Check out the article: how to attract girls for more information on being a real man.

Get your mindset sorted

73. Believe that you are good enough. If you do, you are.
74. Eliminate any need for acceptance or approval.
75. Make sure you have the abundance mentality.
76. Work on your mindset with affirmations. Check out quotes about success as they can be inspirational. One of my favourite quotes is; “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will” – Vince Lombardi.

Become a master of flirting

77. Being a master flirt is a great way to attract women, especially at work and in social circles.
78. Body language is key; have good eye contact, smile with your eyes, use a cheeky grin, etc.
79. Know what to say; Fake like she is annoying you, Roleplay together, reframe her tests, etc.
80. Set the frame of all interactions and keep in control.
81. Remain playful at all times. Remember flirting is meant to be fun.
82. Check out 30 Proven Flirting Tips, for Men & How to flirt like a master.

Be adept at using the phone

83. Don’t be afraid to use the phone. It can be a powerful tool that can really help you improve your interactions with women. The need to be good on the phone is greater than ever as the mobile phone/cellphone has become so popular over the last few years.
84. You can use it to further build attraction with a girl and also build rapport. Check out: Phone Mastery
85. It’s also used to arrange further meet ups between you and the girl which sometimes makes it a necessity to progress with women.
86. Put your phone in her pants on vibrate then use her phone to give it a call. Added bonus you get her number if you didn’t already have it.

Learn to be good in bed

87. Know that if you are good in bed then you will be irresistible to women.
88. Check out David Shade as he is one of the most renowned guys who teach men how to give a girl an orgasm.
89. Be confident in the bedroom. Girls love guys who take control in the bedroom and take the lead with sex.
90. Once you get to know the girl you can ask her what she really likes. Make sure you balance asking her with just out an out sex. If you repeatedly ask her it can become a hindrance to the sex because it can kill the moment. Learn what she likes and then do it till you get it right. Then you may ask again.

Be prepared

91. Always carry condoms for obvious reasons.
92. Always have somewhere you can take a girl back to on a night out. Be in your place, a friends place, hotel, etc.
93. Always have a form of transport to get you back to your chosen destination.
94. Always carry your phone on you as you never know when you will need it.
95. Make sure you have enough money on you or your credit card for Taxi, hotel room, etc.

Sexually Aggressive Physical Moves

96. Warning these are advanced techniques that if done correctly can work like a charm. Do not attempt unless you have been trained first hand, or these can easily blow up in your face in a bad way. That said…
97. Pinch her on the nipple(s).
98. Slap her or grab her on the ass.
99. Twang her bra from the back, hard.
100. Push her back if she is getting too close.
101. Put her in the ‘sensual choke-hold’.

And that’s the end of the list. Congratulations if you read this far, you must be one persistant dude. That in itself says a lot about your character.

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