10 Reasons Women Don’t Like You This Valentine’s Day (Or Any Other Day)

10 reasons women dont like you1  Valentine’s day can be a depressing time for us guys. You see others getting all lovey-dovey; it’s enough to make you reach for a barf bag. You hate it and want it all at once. You want to have gorgeous hot women hanging on your every word. You want them vying for your attention because you’re the most attractive guy in the world (or at least your home town).

BUT, if you do any one of the following 10 things, women will lose their attraction for you faster than a fat bitch who sat down too fast. Yes, that is an Eminem reference.

So without further ado, let’s get to the LIST…

1. You’re the real life Jack Horner

If you don’t know Jack Horner then all you need to know is that he sat in the corner. I use to be one of these guys who use to sit in the corner of the room to afraid to talk to anyone.

This makes you look unsociable and not very confident. Women who see this type of behaviour will pick up on it straight away and before you know it you have very little chance of being able to pull a woman.

So get the fuck out the corner and start mingling with hot women. You need to make sure that you interact with girls. By doing this you will become naturally more attractive. Not rocket science eh?…

2. “God, she is the most perfect woman I have ever seen”.

If there is more of a demonstration of putting women on a pedestal then I would like to hear it. If you put a female on a pedestal then you are setting yourself up for failure.

By doing this you are saying that she is better than you and that you would be the lucky one to have her, rather that the other way around.

You need to start seeing yourself in a different light. You need to be the one who is the catch, not her. This will show that you are confident, self assured, decisive, etc. All the things that make women attracted to men.

3. “Ummm… Hi… Ummm… How are you… Ummm…”

Saying um is probably one of the worst things you can do. Whilst at school one of the only thing my English teacher taught me (I learned the rest when I started blogging) was not to say um when talking.

There are 4 main reasons why we say um[1]. They are:

* It’s a habit in normal speech.
* It’s a way to hold the floor.
* It’s a nervous habit.
* We are afraid of silence.

What you must realise is that these all demonstrate a lack of confidence in your ability to talk to other, as well as thinking what you are saying is not worth their time. These two things will make any girl lose attraction in you.

4. “I knew you were going to do that.”

Being predictable and boring is a turn-off for any woman.

Now you don’t have to be Mr Impulsive and keep doing random shit all the time. Instead you should try not to get caught into a particular “boring” routine.

Women want a guy who they can depend on as well as someone who is going to be a little spontaneous and exciting. Again this is why the bad boy is so attractive. He has the spontaneity to do things that are a little off the cuff, and different from his normal routine.

5. “Are you for real?”

If you are overly nice and fall into the category of being ‘Mr Nice Guy’, then you have to realise that women might not think you are for real.

Being overly nice can come across as fake. What I mean by this is will she be thinking, ‘This guy is only being nice to me because he wants to get me into bed’ or something else along those lines.

I am not saying that you have to be a twat. You want to try and show that you are just a cool guy without coming across as someone who is just overly nice all the time. Check out how to become a bad boy for more information on being bad but still treating women well.

6. Bob the builder – “Can we fix it?”

Trying to be perfect and showing no flaws is disconcerting for a girl. No one in this world is perfect, everybody has some flaws.

Just because you have flaws doesn’t mean that you are in anyway broken and that women won’t like you. In fact it has the opposite effect because women see a vulnerable side that shows you are truly human.

She is then most likely going to try and help you to deal with this flaw because women like to try and fix problems in guys. It might be because it means that they don’t have to see the flaws in themselves.[2]

7. Is your shit together?

Cos’ if it ain’t son you got problems. Women want a guy who has his shit together. For example having a job you like, living in your own place, doing the things you like to do, etc.

Now these are not a deal breaker (I got my first girlfriend working as a customer CA and living at home aged 23), though it might be something that women may look at and just lose that little bit of attraction for you.

If you aren’t there yet, then at least showing that you are ambitious and actively taking action towards changing your circumstances for the better is a good stand-in in the meantime. Ambition, passion and drive are all attractive qualities for you to demonstrate.

Being independent of your parents and having a job that you love and are passionate about are the sort of things that are completely in your control. Therefore you should strive to get these things sorted as well as trying to learn how to attract girls.

8. She don’t like your genes boy

Let’s just clarify, we aren’t talking about a pair of Levis 501s here. Though if your jeans are grubby, ripped and look like shit then maybe it is the reason she don’t like you ;-).

We are talking about genetics. It’s important to understand women are strongly motivated to ensure that the children they have will have the physical and psychological traits necessary to survive and to be able to reproduce successfully (Looy, 2001)[3]

Therefore you need to be able to show that you have those qualities. If you don’t then the chances are, women are not going to find you very attractive as a possible mate.

9. Your Paranoia kicks your Confidence’s ass…

If you have never seen the British sitcom ‘Red Dwarf’ then you should check it out cos’ it’s fucking hilarious. There is an episode where the main character, Lister, has his paranoia and confidence become real-life people. It shows him what these two sides of his personality are truly like, and that both, taken to extremes, are self-destructive.

Let’s focus on paranoia. If you are always on the cautious side then you are never going to take the leap and get a girl to go out with you. You also will probably never do anything really cool and a little dangerous because you will be too worried about what might happen. Women like guys who take the world by the scruff of the neck and get shit done.

A good example is riding a motorbike. If you always worry about what might happen then you will most likely never take your test. Riding a motorbike is attractive to women because it has got that whole bad boy stigma attached to it.

10. “For god’s sake please touch me…”

You don’t make any physical contact with women. You are the sort of guy who finds it hard to hug women or make the first move physically. This makes them think you don’t like them, and fills her mind with self-doubt. This… is bad.

You need to be able to show that you are capable of making the first move toward taking the interaction to the next level. Very rarely will the women do this. Don’t try to rely on it. That’s for suckers.

If you don’t do it, then there is a good chance that the girl will lose confidence, and interest in you and you will be up shit creek without a paddle. From your talk she thought you were confident – back it up with your actions too.

Final thoughts

Is it worth trying to furiously go out and meet someone just for Valentines Day? Probably not. It’s just any other day really. But maybe you recognised yourself in a few of these points. Maybe it makes you realise you need to get your shit together.

Don’t fret. There are many ways to improve with women. Learning to be more naturally attractive around women will help you be that guy they want to spend time with. Check out Death Of Game right now to learn how to be more naturally attractive.

Speak soon,
David Black


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image credit: Henry__Spencer

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    I agree, Valentines day is over rated. Only celebrated by people in a relationship < 5 years. After that it kinda blows over.