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On with the questions....
1) Which Of The Following Most Closely Matches Your Long-Term Objective With Women?
  I Want To Learn How To Get A Girlfriend
  I Want To Have An Endless Stream Of Attractive Women In My Life
  I Want To Get This One 'Special' Girl
  I Want To Improve Myself And Get This Part Of My Life Handled
2) How Much Time Have You Spent In Relationships In Total?
  Never Been In A Relationship
  0-6 Months
  6-12 Months
  1 Year+
3) How Would You Best Describe Your Skills At Approaching Women?
  I Can Approach Any Women, Any Time, Any Place If I Want To
  I Can Successfully Approach Most Of The Time
  I Feel Uneasy Around New Women But Can Still Approach Some Of The Time
  I Am Terrified At The Prospect Of Talking To A Woman I Have Never Met Before
4) How Confident Do You Feel In Taking Your Interactions With Women To A Physical/Intimate Level?
  I Know When & How To Get Intimate With A Woman, Rejection Hardly Ever Happens
  I Am Comfortable Being Physical With Women But I Sometimes Hesitate Or Get Rejected
  I'm Not Really Sure When To Make A Move On Her
  I Am Very Reluctant To Take Things To a Physical Level Because I Fear She Will Reject Me
5) What Is The Biggest Thing Holding You Back Right Now From Achieving What You Want With Women?
  I Am Paralyzed By The Fear Of Failure And Potential Humiliation
  I Just Don't Understand Women
  I Don't Ever Know What To Say When I Approach Women
  I Don't Think My Looks/Height/Job/Money/Car/Etc Are Good Enough
  I Don't Have A 'Buddy' To Go Out And Talk To Women With
  Something Else Not On This List

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